Youbiking Taipei

Wait for it.
These Youbikes are really great. I ride the Youbike to work, I ride the Youbike to the subway, I ride them everywhere.
Taipei 101 was the tallest building in the world. It isn・t anymore, but it・s still the tallest green building. It has 101 floors above ground. The building itself is designed to look like a bamboo.
When I first saw it, I feel in love with it. It doesn・t have the charm of the Eiffel Tower, but I love it nonetheless.
This is Oh Bear. They let him out sometimes, out of the Tourism Bureau. He・s their mascot.
I see, nice cape. There・s a heart on his butt.
The heart of Taiwan is...
on the bear・s butt.
Thanks for coming today. I hope to see you again.
This is 44 South Village. The very, very first concentrated housing project of the Chinese Nationalist Government. Projects like these were built for government workers, military officers and their families. Just north of here was the 44th armory production center. The people who lived here worked at the armory factory. This was built in 1949, so it・s been about 70 years and it・s amazing that these buildings are still here.
What I really like about this place is that we got a glimpse of the history after 1949. Usually we don・t think about that, we take it for granted.
Another thing I find quite interesting is that in Taiwan, they do not respect so much history and once something is becoming shabby, they just tear it down and build a new one. What I like about this place is that they actually kept it and it・s still standing, and they found a way to use it in a new and interesting and somewhat hipster way.
I look forward to coming here again with you and your wife and your baby to have ice-cream.
I want to have ice-cream with Dan and Elora here.
Should we get some more before we go?
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