Cawi Travels

Here it comes!
We’re in Cawi today, experiencing the Amis traditional way of life, scooping fish!
Because we’re right at the mouth of the river, there are a lot of migratory fish. Here at the village, we let visitors try out fishing with our triangular and octagonal nets. We fish responsibly because our nets are only this wide.
Amis men not only fish, they shoot arrows to hunt, too?
We are near both the mountains and the sea, so sometimes we want a taste of the mountain as well.
You still hunt by bow and arrow?
Very rarely. In the old days, but now we buy our pork.
Don’t tilt your head forward.
Ten! How is this different from what you did as a kid in England?
It’s pretty similar, although the bow is a little bit bigger. It was just to let us have a try to see what it was like.
So it’s basically the same thing - they let you have a try and experience what it was like for your ancestors, and they’re doing the same thing here.
Right now there is sea urchin. It’s sea urchin season. There are snails as well, like this. For me, the sea is a traditional source of food and also a place from which life comes. We want visitors to get to know not just what we eat, but also how we get it.
I had a lot of fun, and I think it was a real privilege to get a glimpse of how these people live traditionally.
Absolutely, and I think for people that are travelling around, it’s quite a unique thing to be able to come and especially have a go at the fishing. Particularly with the triangle shape nets. I think they were pretty cool. And I think if we could have gone in a little bit further and had a go, it would have been really great. So catch our own fish and eat them, it doesn’t happen to you every day, so I think that’s a pretty good thing to come and have a go at.
部落之旅 花蓮靜浦