Pingling Baozhong Tea

It・s quite a friendly tea.
Mm, it・s quite light.
It is light but it・s fragrant at the same time.
The kind of tea that we drink in England is very strong, being a black tea. A lot of people now are starting to drink this kind of tea because they think it helps digestion and it doesn・t upset the stomach as much. I can see why. It・s so much milder, it・s nice.
I like it. I really like it.
Peter being from England and I from the US, when it comes to tea, black is just about all we・re familiar with. In Taiwan, Oolong and Green tea are often heard about, but there・s also a kind called Baozhong tea, and it・s from Pinglin, where we・re visiting today.
There are four major teas in Taiwan. The first kind is not fermented, and is called :green; tea. The second is completely fermented, and that・s black tea. Then there is lightly fermented tea, which is baozhong and oolong. Baozhong tea is fermented to 15-20%, which gives it a subtle flowery scent.
Just like how coffee can have nuances of toast or caramel, tea can be the same way too. In the case of Baozhong, a light jasmine scent is naturally produced during the fermentation process.
Occasionally there are tours here which let visitors make tea and take it home.
In addition to drinking tea, you can eat it as well, but because tea can get bitter when cooked for too long or at too high a temperature, tea cuisine can be tricky. We found that fried tea leaves are ok, but as for the chicken tea soup and tea buns with fatty pork sandwiched in the middle - well, you can decide. But the noodles with tea oil - four thumbs up.
I enjoyed the baozhong tea. I didn・t know that tea can be so fragrant and mild and yet so natural.
Yeah, I think the tea was definitely my favorite as well, I really liked the noodles and I thought the tea flavor was quite mild, so it didn・t overpower the rest of the dish.
Delicious cuisine, lovely tea, who knew that such a nice little tea town is just an hour away from downtown Taipei.