Dapeng Bay Windsurfing.

Kayaking, sailing, jet skiing and windsurfing, if you like any or all of these, you might love Dapeng Bay. Every year around April and May, an international regatta is held here. Today Dinh and I are going to go windsurfing for the first time.
Windsurfing is actually easy. Not as difficult as you think.
I am struggling to feel anything because I・m just falling all the time. If it・s not me falling, it・s the sail. Surfing is much easier. It looks easy, and when you start to understand that the wind is turning all the time and you have to adapt yourself, it・s so hard.
If water sports aren・t enough for you, how about car racing?
Don・t have a sports car? We don・t either. But you can still get your speed fix at the go kart track.
Our track is 1200 meters long, the largest in Taiwan so far. The car is only 3cm off the ground, so there・s no risk of overturning. The seat is lower than the chasis, so it・s really close to the ground. It・s also a bucket seat, so you don・t need seatbelts.
We・re on the starting block together.
And then I do ten meters and you・re right behind me, I don・t know how you managed it. The host of Time for Taiwan is a badass behind a wheel.
I・ll take that as a compliment.
You have to.
It・s really stressful to race against you because at every turn I keep thinking she・s behind, no she・s not, she・s behind, no she・s not, and the third time I thought she・s not, vroom! Oh OK.
It・s very tough to be a foreigner in Taiwan. Tough life.
I enjoyed surfing but never really thought of trying windsurfing. It was a really good day because I got to try all those different things for the first time. And when was the last time you did something for the first time?
Down here in Dapeng Bay, there are a bunch of things to try for the first time, come find out for yourself.
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