Grey Faced Buzzard Watching.

Weighing less than a kilogram but with a wingspan of up to 115 cm, the Grey Faced Buzzard sure can fly. They normally live in northeastern China, northern Japan and Russia, but to escape the freezing winter, they travel to southeast Asia each year at the beginning of October. On the way south and also on the way back north in March and April, they pass Changhua・s Bagua Mountain Range, attracting flocks of bird watchers.
Young grey faced buzzards have vertical markings on their chest, which turn horizontal when they become adult birds. Females also have markings over their eyes, which look like eyebrows.
In addition to grey faced buzzards, other animals in Bagua Mountain can be seen as well - monkeys, treepies, bulbuls and various varieties of frogs.
People used to farm fruit trees up here, but they needed to get down the mountain to barter rice and salt, so this was the path they took, this is an ancient path. In the old days, indigenous people lived here, but when the Chinese came, fights broke out and territorial problems came up, so there were times when the Chinese got beheaded by aborigines here, and that・s why it was called :Murder Ditch.;
Speaking of things to do outdoors in Changhua, a visit to one of the many dairy farms is always fun too.
You know what would go great with milk? Longan cupcakes.
Or if you prefer something savory, meat pies held together by a thick and chewy glutinous skin made from sweet potato powder is really good too.
I cycle up there a lot. I didn・t even realize there were trails up there.
Yeah, apparently there were quite a few.
Also, they took the time to put the names on the trees, that was really nice. You know what else I liked about that? The hikers. The hikers, they always stop and talk to you. The old guys on the trail - they・re really great.

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