Austronesian Wedding.

Destination weddings and themed weddings have become increasingly popular these days, so Dinh and I are in Wutai, Pingtung to do a Rukai Tribe wedding.
In a matrimony between the family of tribal chiefs, this is one of the wedding gifts. During the swinging, if nothing falls off the woman・s clothing, it means she is a proper woman.
They say you should kick your feet at the height of the swing to look a little more elegant.
It・s quite some sport to get married in the mountains.
No kidding. According to tradition, you・re supposed to go around dressed like this for an entire week.
Very heavy. It doesn・t look it - you think it・s only pearls and shells, but once everything is on, it・s quite heavy, especially the hat.
Gifts that the grooms will give to the bride・s family include a ceramic pot, glass beads, farm tools, a hunting rifle, a knife, a pot and a set of men・s clothing, which means that the bride・s family will be taken care of from now on. During the ceremony, the couple will drink liquor out of two cups that are connected in the middle. Sometimes the liquor is made of quinoa.
Quinoa is a kind of grain that is quite nutritious and can be made into liquor or eaten with rice or by itself.
But back to the wedding, after the ceremony and lunch follows dancing. Rukai dancing is much easier for the beginner because the pace is slow and the steps are simple.
So how・s this different from getting married in France?
In a lot of ways. In France, everybody wears a costume, or a nice dress, or nice shoes. Here you see, it・s all about colors, not only white, so a big change. And the music is different too. We・re all dancing together instead of dancing by couples. I find it much more amusing that way.
Wutai・s Austronesian Wedding Festival runs from March 8th to March 29th.
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