Yangmingshan Flower Festival.

An explosion of cherry blossoms, Yangmingshan turns into a dream of pink and white during the Yangmingshan Flower Season each year. While most people don・t think of leaving the sight of the cherry blossoms, there・s lots to be explored in Yangmingshan Park. If you walk further up, you・ll see a torii gate, beautiful windy streams and luscious moss carpets. If this looks Japanese to you, you・re right. This was the private garden of a Japanese man more than a century ago.
So this place used to belong to a Japanese industrialist, am I right?
That・s right. A Japanese man by the name of Yamamoto Yoshinobu came here in 1900. He struck it rich with the coal mining industry, and after he bought the land, he decided to build a house and a beautiful Japanese garden.
And that・s where we are.
He was here until about 1945, when the Japanese lost World War II.
After Japan returned control of Taiwan to China and the Japanese left Taiwan, Chiang Kai-shek lived here for a period of time. The architectural style during that time was Jiangnan style, in other words, Chinese. So there is a Chinese garden and Chinese landscaping.
When Japanese garden landscaping meets Chinese garden landscaping, this is what you get. Cedric says this sums up Taiwanese culture over the last 100 years.
Also, there is a beautiful camellia garden at the Floriculture Experiment Center.
When you get hungry from all the walking around, you can try organic food that・s grown in Yangmingshan.
I was really pleasantly surprised to hear that the park was actually somebody・s home and garden at one point.
Also because this is the flower festival now, we had a chance to go to that beautiful camellia park and we ended up here having this delicious organic food. This is definitely a trip to remember.
The Yangmingshan Flower Festival runs from January 29th to March 9th.