Wuling Flower Season.

Eighteen thousand cherry blossoms in full bloom, this is Wuling Farm, one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in Taiwan during its cherry blossom season, which runs until the end of February this year.
There are several varieties of cherry blossoms here; a couple are native, some are imported and a few are newly cultivated hybrids. The difference is mostly in the shape of the trees, the shade of pink, number of petals and fullness of the flower; the similarity - how amazing they look and how impossibly difficult their names are to pronounce.
In addition to cherry blossoms, there are plum blossoms too; some of these can be quite pungent, and a pleasure to sit under while sipping tea that・s also produced on this farm.
To tell you the truth, when Michael and I came up here, most of the flowers still hadn・t bloomed, so we explored some places where people wouldn・t normally go, and we were pleasantly surprised at what we found - the story of how this farm came to be. Apparently it was built by veterans.
When the Central Cross Highway was being built, life was very inconvenient here, so food for the workers needed to be grown here, and that・s why the farm was started. Upon completion of the highway, the government ordered the veterans to settle here on the mountain.
After they retired from the military and from building the central cross highway, they built these stone houses by hand. You can still see some of the houses they lived in, their beds, simple farm tools and where they ate as well. In the beginning, they grew vegetables and then fruit. During the 1980・s the place started its transition to become a recreational farm, which is what it is today. It・s now a great place to look at not just flowers, but Formosan Landlocked Salmon as well, and to also go camping.
I didn・t know it was actually veterans that built this place.
I didn・t know either. It・s beautiful beyond belief. It・s impossible to describe how beautiful it is here, the flowers, the monkeys, the birds, so many different kinds of birds.
I think I might move up here.
Then I・ll have a place to stay when I come.
Z凱瓸u ぃ較Μ