Bombing the Dragon Festival.

Dancing through a firecracker parade, the Miaoli Bombing the Dragon Festival is an exciting event to be a part of.
The meaning behind bombing the dragon is welcoming the dragon spirit
into the home.
Firecrackers are set off to welcome them.
The spirits will chase away bad luck,
bring good luck
and keep the family same from harm.
In the old days after the autumn harvest, people had more free time, so during this period the Hakkas made dragons and practiced dancing them for the Bombing the Dragon festival at the end of the Lunar New Year celebrations.
Look, now I am about to...
the eyes and the eyebrows...
to draw the eyes and the eyebrows.
Painting the dragon by hand, Mr. Luo shows us how a dragon is made. He uses bamboo that he splits by himself to construct the dragon’s body. Even the scales of the dragon are made with bamboo. Strips of the woody grass are heated, shaped, then cooled to hold its form.
The Hakkas are Taiwan’s second largest group of people. Their religious practices are slightly different from that of the Min Nans. Ancestors are worshipped inside, but the gods outside.
In the sky, everyday there are 36,000 gods that pass by. So with this I am paying respect to the gods that pass by.
Boy I had a lot of fun learning about Hakka culture and religion, especially around the Chinese new year.
You know, I come up here all the time on my bicycle and I never really understood what I was looking at until today. It’s an amazing special group of people. And the food is fantastic. I think I gained two kilos today.
I had two of those hamburger things today.
Did you really? I had three. Shh, don’t tell anyone!
The Miaoli Bombing the Dragon Festival takes place this year on February 14th.
台灣過年 苗栗火旁龍