Taiwan Lantern Festival.

The Taiwan Lantern Festival is being held in Chung Hsing New Village, Nantou this year and you know what else is interesting there? We don・t either. So Michael and I are going to see if we can excavate some stories.
Because it・s a quiet little town with lots of trees along the roads, it・s a great place for bike riding.
At the time there were only farm roads here. When Mr Hsieh Tung-min・s jeep entourage got here, they were stopped by a river. They got out of the jeep and rested underneath this Bishop tree. A few of them looked around and said, :This is a good place. Let・s move here.; In 1946 when Chiang Kai-shek・s regime retreated from China and came to Taiwan, they went to Taipei of course. Later Mr. Chiang Kai-shek said, :What if the Chinese Communists attack Taipei? The entire regime will collapse.;
Hsieh was the Secretary General of the Taiwan Provincial Government and later became the Vice President of Taiwan. With the financial support of the US government the Taiwan provincial government was moved here and housing was built for its thousands of employees. These old houses and streets are now one of the attractions of Chung Hsing New Village.
If you look around here, you can see the stamp of America. Here it・s the 1960・s and these people come here and they have a large chunk of money, a clean slate of land that they can do anything they want with. And what do they build? An American suburb. You can see how this idea of America shapes the way Taiwan sees itself. And so we American are always shaking our heads going, :Why are you always copying our worst habits?;
You know, I think I really like Zhongxing Village.
It・s like time traveling.
It is. It・s a piece of a piece of Taiwan history and it・s really nice to jog around and cycle through. And I think it really brings back childhood memories of when we were living in Mountain View.
Oh, really? It is like an American suburb here. But it・s also such an interesting piece of history. What they need is some development here, bed and breakfasts and maybe some really classy restaurants so people would come visit and experience this. It・s a world to itself.
The 2014 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Chung Hsing Village takes place from February 14th to the 23rd.
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