Beehive Rockets Festival.

Firecrackers shooting everywhere and people deliberately standing in the way of them, this is the Beehive Rockets Festival of Yanshui, Tainan.
In 1885, there was a long period, for several decades there was a plague. The wise men of the town came to Wu Temple to ask the god Guanyu what to do. Guanyu said around the Lantern Festival, to parade him around on the 13th of January of the lunar calendar and have everybody light fireworks. The plague subsequently disappeared. From a more scientific perspective, perhaps diseases in those days were not as powerful, and there is sulfer in firecrackers, which can kill bacteria. After three days and nights of firecrackers, possibly it was the sulfer that did it.
Whether it was the rockets that blew up the plague monster or the god Guanyu who rid Yanshui of disease, temple parades and setting off firecrackers all night long has become a tradition in Yanshui during Chinese New Year celebrations.
The people who get hit by firecrackers, what do they have to do with Guanyu? Are they avatars?
Actually in the beginning, people did not stand in the way of firecrackers, they・re for the palanquin and the god. Even now there are still a lot of people that get in front of the palanquin, even right in front of the beehive rockets stand. Actually you shouldn・t do that.
So it・s not only dangerous when you stand in the way of the rockets, but also rude.
Cuisine wise, Yanshui is known for thin and al dente duck egg noodles and dumplings that look like giant fried wontons.
I・ve been here maybe three or four times now and as always I find the fengpao festival really really interesting, including its traditions and history. But what I discovered this time is that there are hidden little treasures waiting for people to seek out.
Yeah, it・s really an amazing place. Alleys full of old buildings, old buildings like this one, interesting temples... You name it, Yanshui has it. Great food traditions. What did we have yesterday, those big wonton things, they were so delicious.
If you just get your camera and walk around in these alleys, you will have an amazing experience of old Taiwan.
The Yanshui Beehive Rockets Festival takes place in the middle of January of the Lunar New Year.
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