Purple Crow Butterflies.

Swarms of purple crow butterflies dance in the sun like this every winter in Maolin, Kaohsiung. Under the light, their wings reflect shades of purple, creating an illusionary effect.
Because its valleys shield out the northeast monsoon and there is enough tree cover, Maolin is one of the favorite destinations for purple crow butterflies in Taiwan to migrate to in the winter. As long as the sun・s out, you・ll be able to find swarms of them, even by the side of the road. There・ll be even more where there・s water.
But when you come on a cold and wet day like we did, you・ll be out of luck.
I see one of the prettiest butterflies I・ve seen around so far. I・ve never had the opportunity to see that many butterflies hanging around like that.
The weather was a real shame, but we can come back as soon as the sun does. Meanwhile, we can go explore other things that are nearby, including the Rukai village where our guide Erke is from.
Erke says this is where the heads of rival tribe members used to be displayed... Too violent for Dinh, maybe.
During battles or when the village is under attack, the head of those who are killed are prayed for then placed here. Each hole houses one head. This is to console the family of the dead, and to ward off other attackers, by showing them we that we have killed a lot of people.
OK, let・s go pick some fruit. Tourist farms are on the rise these days. And this is a jujube farm.
Have you ever had these things before?
Jujubes, no. I・ve had plenty of apples before and I heard it is the Taiwan apple. It looks the exact same thing, except that when you bite into it, the taste is slightly different and inside it・s completely white.
Jujubes and and purple crow butterflies are in season in Maolin December to February.