Amazing Taipei.

You・re looking really lovely today, nice and neon green.
This is how my inner feelings are when I come to Taipei on a cold day.
Pretty interesting what they・ve got going on here at the old tobacco factory.
It・s really wonderful.
Today we・re hanging out not too far from home and exploring Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. First stop, Songshan Cultural Park.
Built in 1937 during the Japanese occupation, the tobacco factory closed down in 1998 and recently become a home for art and culture.
Wow, this is really cool.
The game that you・re playing Michella is like a commentary on Taiwan・s environmental and social situation. This artist is a genius.
In addition to exhibitions, you can do a bit of shopping here as well. This is a market of things like cute handicrafts from around Taiwan.
One of the things I love about Taipei is that it・s so easy to get around.
So here we are in Honglou (Red House), and you know, Honglou itself is preserved, but the back was destroyed in a fire, apparently a market. And it still is today, it・s a market for creative Taiwanese people to sell their wonderful artistic creations.
It・s an art market.
What do you think? Is it me?
Um, why don・t we look at something else.
Sometimes you really don・t have to go very far to travel. Today we fell in love with Taipei again, for perhaps the millionth time.
In a day, we saw modern Taipei and Taipei from 100 years ago. That was quite a contrast.
It was quite a contrast. I think Taipei is a kind of place that is constantly reinventing itself. It・s really a pleasure to visit. Different every time that you see it.
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