Chiayi Band Festival.

Walking around a track, playing brass, woodwind and percussion instruments and staying incredibly together, this is Min Syong Junior High School・s 180 person marching band. They・re getting ready for the Chiayi International Band Festival, which starts tomorrow.
It・s awesome.
These eighth grade students are really amazing. They practice together twice a week and have been doing this for only a little over a year. Min Syong・s marching band is better than some high school bands and usually places first in regional competitions. Now we・re going to stop bothering them so they can focus on practicing for tomorrow・s parade and performance.
Chiayi has some traditional street food that are pretty tasty. This is a thick, folded flour pancake. The one Dinh・s eating is savory and has cilantro in it.
It・s really good.
On the opening day of the International Band Festival, all the participating bands will parade through the city. The modern marching band came from the military marching band where drummers and other musicians played tunes to keep soldiers moving at a good pace. The costumes of today・s marching bands are a reminder of its history.
Students of all ages and adults participate in the festival, but what really surprised us was a kindergarten band. Not only are the cute, they・re good too!
Formations are the highlight of marching band performances. It・s almost magical watching so many of them play and move in perfect synchronization. And the music and the ambience is just so intense.
I really thought that all the kids are amazing. Amazed by the fact that it goes from kindergarten to older people, adults. Just seeing that music can unite all these people together, I・m speechless. It・s just really, really impressive.
The Chiayi International Band Festival takes place every year from December to January.

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