Xinshe Sea of Flowers.

Feeling right at home at the Shinshe Flower Festival, Dinh looked about ready to take off his clothes and dance to music a la Woodstock, but thankfully we behaved.
This year in addition to seas of cosmos, sunflowers, and bright yellow rapeseed flowers, rare and beautiful orchids are on display as well.
If you think orchids are difficult to take care of, try reproducing them - it’s nearly impossible, so the task is usually left to the professionals, who do it in a laboratory.
The traditional way of doing it is by taking out the offshoot, but the flowers grow slower, you get a lower yield and the quality varies. So when we find one nice sample, we clone it to produce exact same copies of it. One keiki will become three, three becomes nine, and you get more and more. When you get to a certain amount, like a thousand, you can take them out to be planted. In the natural world, they don’t easily reproduce, so we put them in bottles where we provide the nutrition that they need. When it’s time, we move them outside.
Because phalaenopsis orchids have achieved great popularity, researchers have shifted their energy to cultivating the elegant lady slipper and aromatic dendrobium varieties.
Orchids from Taiwan can be found in many parts of the world, but can be quite expensive and unobtainable, so to be able to get so up close and personal with these beautiful flowers in Shinshe is a luxury.
It’s not only about smelling the flowers. We also ate them, we also drank them. We did a lot of things that you cannot usually do so it was interesting. Really interesting. I really have the feeling that I spent my entire day in so many different colors. I feel really good. Good for the soul.
療癒之旅 新社花海