Taiwan Open of Surfing.

Aside from Yilan and Kenting, Taitung is another great place for surfing in Taiwan.
Because it・s mostly reef break here, the bottoms are rocky, so the waves are more constant.
And this is one of the reasons why Taitung was able to host its first ever ASP World Tour event, the Taiwan Open of Surfing. More than 50 professional surfers from 11 countries competed in 2013.
When you come and watch, there's just no resisting staying on the beach. Dinh's an experienced surfer, and I'm completely clueless. Thank god we found a really good instructor, but this is one sport that takes a whole lot of practicing. Why don't you go watch Dinh and just let me do my thing...
The form, the hair, a perfect picture. Hey look I'm getting better though. But time always flies when you have too much fun.
Great waves. Perfect. I can・t believe I・ve been surfing here. And in front of (mountains).
People say when you're in Taitung in the winter, you must try the swordfish.
Pan fried swordfish belly, oh la la.
This is the juiciest swordfish. During the winter, they migrate through here and that・s when they・re the fattest. Even Japanese people love swordfish from eastern Taiwan.
Wow, black marlin sashimi.
Wow. It melts in your mouth.
Absolutely awesome. I come from a small town in France, in the south of France where we have a lot of waves all year long, especially during winter time. And the waves are actually a bit like that, so I wasn・t completely lost. I lived in Australia for a while. You sum up most of my life in that year as playing guitar at night, and in the morning, wake up early and go surfing, which is exactly what we・ve done today, so in less than 24 hours, I went back in time and lived one year in Australia again. That was really good.