Taiwan Cycling Festival.

From the coast of Hualien to the top of Hehuan Mountain, climbing 3275m over 100km, this is the King of the Mountains Challenge, one of the highlight events of the Taiwan Cycling Festival.
You can do it!
Michael and I are taking part in the festivities and though several cycling events are held throughout Taiwan between November 9th and 17th, we chose to come here. Actually, we didn・t choose. It was chosen for us. Aaaaugh.
Between the pain and regrets that I accepted a challenge way over my head, I realized hey, there are actually climbing techniques that you can use to make things a little easier.
Stabilize your body and your pedaling. When you climb, the front wheel and center of gravity are higher, so lean forward a little.
In addition to having the right skills, using equipment that functions properly also helps too.
What happened to your seat?
It came loose. See?
It always pays to do a full check of your bike before you set out on an epic endeavor. But you still have to bring tools (and people who know what they・re doing) as well.
Hang in there. Almost there.
My god, we finally made it.
Why did I do this? I must have been crazy. Next time someone says go do Wuling, just shoot them.
Taiwan is cycling heaven. There are nice, easy routes for beginners like me and there are also ones so difficult that they draw top international athletes to come and challenge. Best of all, the scenery along the way is simply breathtaking.
You know what, I・m never doing this again. Never!
That・s what I said last time. The last time I went up it was great. And here I am now, what am I doing? Climbing this hill again. It・s a stunning piece of road, and they say if you・re Taiwanese, you have to do it. You have to climb Wuling.
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My god, 苛鶉譴FC