Caoling Trail Silver Grass Festival.

When the wind blows, it sways like ocean waves and flows like mother nature・s hair. Autumn is the season of silver grass on the northeastern coast of Taiwan, and it is mesmerizing to watch.
Hikers like to come to the Caoling Historical Trail during silver grass season, and on the trail there・s a stone stele from the Qing dynasty with the character for :tiger; inscribed on it. You can learn how to make a print of it and take it home.
The saying goes, when (the wind sees a tiger), it will blow more gently, so if you take this road, it・s much safer.
Mr Yang says putting a :tiger; element in the study room can help students focus and learn better.
And back to silver grass... In Europe it・s used as biofuel, in Japan as a Mid Autumn・s Festival decoration, and in Taiwan it・s sometimes made into brooms.
When I was little, I used to watch my grandfather, my father and neighbors harvest miscanthus.
Some believe that silver grass brooms have the magical power of sweeping in fortune and sweeping out bad luck.
So I pull this through here like this? Oh, God. Definitely have to do this in retirement. You know, I walked that Caoling Trail several years ago, it・s wonderful. If you walk from Fulong near the train station, then you walk past the old train tunnel, the one that・s now a bike tunnel, it・s really wonderful. Once you get into the hills there are no people, no houses, you・re all alone, it・s really sweet. There are a lot of hikers out there and they・re always enthusiastic and they・re happy to see you on the trail. It・s a really wonderful experience.
Caoling Historic Trail・s :Season of Silver Grass Festival; takes place in November.