Taroko Marathon.

Imagine jogging through a majestic canyon with giant rocks, valleys and rivers. Yup, you can do that in Taiwan, right here in Taroko. On November 2 the Taroko Marathon will take place. Today my Ukrainian friend Alex and I are here to get a preview from marathoner Wang Wen-bing.
Runners can do the full 42.195km course or just a half marathon. The hills are steep and the highest point in the race is 500m above sea level. It is one of the toughest races in Taiwan. But Mr Wang says even if you can・t run a half or a full marathon, it・s nice just to be out here.
There are lots of cars here because there are lots of tourists, so normally it・s not a good idea to run here, but the view is world class and it・s a great enjoyment. It・s hot outside but very cool in the canyon.
Mr Wang・s first and 100th full marathons were both done at Taroko. In all, he・s completed more than 120 marathons.
I never thought about doing marathons before. To run 42.195km is something most people can・t even imagine. But reaching middle age, I started getting lower back pain - middle age problems, so I had to start moving and I started by walking around a track, then jogging, doing 3k, 5k. I entered a 10k race (then 21k), then doubled that and it became 42k and that・s how I ended up here. I think having running buddies is very important.
Doing two marathons every month, Mr Wang is constantly traveling to different race venues, and the wonderful thing about that is you can do a bit of sightseeing as well. Near Taroko, there are several indigenous handicraft workshops that people can visit.
Actually if you have a scooter you can just see more than by walking, but I think it・s a perfect place for a marathon. The deep water falls and rocks above you, they are amazing. So I think it・s really a great place for running.

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