Confucius Temple Culture Festival.

Built in 1665, the Confucian Temple in downtown Tainan was the first official Confucian temple and school in Taiwan. Every year around September 28th, Confucius・ birthday, which is also Teacher・s Day, the Tainan Confucius Temple Culture Festival takes place. These students from a nearby school is practicing the Yi Dance, a row dance that dates back to 485 AD.
The bamboo flute is usually held horizontally and is close to the body. The the long pheasant tail feather is upright and farther away. The hand movements, the two items and body movements symbolize characters that make up words. Put together, the words form sayings which make up a speech that praises Confucius. The eight characters that we just performed means never before has there been a teacher so great, who was so saintly perfect.
Because it is a worship dance, in ancient times yi dancers needed to be licensed.
I once read that during the Qing dynasty, dancers needed to have licenses to do this dance. And on the license it says that there are no criminals in the last three generations of this family.
Didn・t Confucius say not to worship him?
He did say that how can you know what death is before knowing what life is and to respect gods and demons from a distance. But do we always listen to what teachers say?
In addition to observing students do the yi dance, during the festival, visitors can also get to know the temple and its artifacts through guided tours. Or take a walk and explore the neighborhood.
That was interesting at the Confucian Temple today.
Certainly was. I learned a lot. I had never heard of :liu yi,; I・ve never seen this dance. I really enjoy seeing this kind of thing and learning more about Taiwan as I travel around Taiwan with you.
I・m happy to hear that. Where shall we go next?
Let・s go to... Take me to Kaohsiung.
Hurry up.