Cijin Day Trip

Boats, ferries, docks, not far from the center of the city, historical and cultural, Kaohsiung・s Cijin is kind of like Taipei・s Tamsui. This is actually where the first settlers lived when they came to Kaohsiung.
The first thing you notice when you get off the ferry is the row of cycle rickshaws with plastic flowers in front. These are the taxis of Cijin.
Previously uninhabited, a Chinese fisherman brought six families to Cijin in 1673 and they became the first settlers. Most relied on the ocean・s resources for food and on Mazu to protect them.
In 1875 after an incident where nearly an entire island of people nearby were massacred, the Qing dynasty built a fort on Cijin.
There were two drill fields. The cannons were placed in the rear drill field, where there were four Armstrong guns. In the front drill field there were 22 rooms that were the soldiers・ living quarters. The most interesting thing about this place is the decoration on the front door. There is the character for happiness and carvings of eight bats.
Why characters and symbols of celebration and prosperity were included in the design of the fort, no one knows, but it sure makes the place quite interesting.
The second oldest lighthouse in Taiwan, also built in the Qing dynasty is also right around here.
This is the second visit to Cijin for both Peter and I, and I found that it definitely was more interesting this time around. There・s much more to Cijin than just seafood and shaved ice.
I don・t think I went to the fort last time, or to the lighthouse up there. Up there it was quite good, just to see some old buildings and learn a bit of history. It was quite nice. But it・s quite small so people here seem quite friendly. It・s got a very sort of small town atmosphere, so that was quite nice. And it・s good that the last time we came here I didn・t realize that they actually had a beach that you could walk on so it・s quite nice. It・s obviously quite a good place to come for a day trip from Kaohsiung if you want to go to the beach and eat some food that・s a little bit different from what you might get elsewhere, so it was nice.