The Nantou County Train Festival

Steam engine trains, carriages from the same era, more modern carriages decorated in cartoon characters, the Nantou Train Festival is one event train fans will not want to miss.
This DT668 train engine was built in Japan in the 1940・s and hauled both cargo and passenger carriages until it was officially retired in the 1980・s.
This is how we shovel coal. They need to be evenly distributed in eight areas, so it takes some skill. Everything is man powered here, and that・s why there are lots of valves. We can move forwards and backwards. This is the accelerator. If you want to go faster, increase the power, pull this back. Pull it all the way back if you want to push it to the limit. What attracts me to steam engine trains is the combination of power and aesthetics.
Being able to see how it works really is cool. On top of that, you have the brass handles, valves and old fashioned instrumentation...I・m beginning to see the attraction!
In addition to the steam train engine, old fashioned carriages have been brought out as well. No air conditioners here, just simple ceiling fans. Ah, time for lunch. Banana fried rice anyone? Oh, better eat quickly. We・re getting off at Checheng, less than 15 minutes away from Jiji.
Checheng was originally a parking garage for trains and a place where timber was prepared for export. These days there is a plum winery, so we・re going wine tasting.
I always thought that locomotives, trains would be something that only boys enjoy but I think now I see the attraction.
Yeah, it was good today to see a very old fashioned train like that. I・ve seen them before in England but usually we・re not allowed to get so close to them, so it was good to be able to get right up, especially to the bottom part where the wheels are. You can see everything moving around and you can get on the track as well, that・s quite good. I・m glad you enjoyed it. You・ve got a new hobby now.
Oh no.
You can go home and start collecting models.
I collect too many things already.



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