Hualien Aboriginal Harvest Festival

To celebrate the rice harvest and to give thanks to ancestral spirits, indigenous Taiwanese in the Hualien area gather together in a joint celebration every July to kick off individual harvest festivals. Including visitors, more than 400,000 people take part in the festivities.

Today my Austrian friend Chris and I have come to the rehearsal of one of the dance troupes performing in the festival.

This is Sachan, an Amis woman who lives nearby and on most days runs a breakfast joint. During the festival, she is dancer extraordinaire and today, she’s our instructor as well.

The Amis is the largest group of indigenous Taiwanese. There are about 190,000 of them and most live in Hualien. If you want to make some Amis friends and have a ton of fun, the harvest festival in July may be your best bet.
The key is to unleash your passion, that’s all there is to aboriginal dances. Bring out your energy and passion, hold hands and dance with us.

Chris, I had a lot of fun. I didn’t think I would be able to dance but it wasn’t as hard as I thought.

Really? I think it was a hell of a lot harder than I thought. Maybe it’s just me but it’s totally different from dancing at a night club.

The food here is really, really good. We were at the night market and checked out some local food stands and was really tasty. We had some BBQ sticks and also had some teas. It’s definitely worth checking out when you come to Hualien.






Chris, 超好玩的。我本來想說我絕對沒辦法跳,但發現沒有想像中困難。