A rock festival that lasts five days and takes place on Fulong Beach, Hohaiyan is expected to attract 800 thousand visitors this July.
Hohaiyan invites bands from within Taiwan and abroad.
In addition to star bands, indie bands also get a chance to shine.
This is Arkmen, a Taiwanese indie band that made it past the first round of auditions at Hohaiyan.

Marko・s my friend from Serbia. He・s here today to jam with Arkmen.
When he・s not busy geeking around for his master・s in computer science at National Taiwan Normal University, he performs with his own band.
Arkmen are a bunch of guys who have day jobs and hold jam sessions for themselves and fans on the weekends. Pity they didn・t make it into the final 10 who get to perform at the festival.

I enjoyed it a lot. They guys are cool. I like all the effects, all the keyboard, singing, drums. It sounds cool. I enjoyed it. If you need an extra, if you need one more guitar player, you know, I・m going to be here for a long time.
Making sounds that come together into something that gives pleasure to the ears - that is music, and a ton of fun. And to do it in front of hundreds of thousands of people is a dream for most bands. But fortunately for the rest of us, we have festivals like Hohaiyan, meaning oceans and waves in indigenous language, to go to once a year to get our fix of mind- and eardrum blowing rock and roll.

Good stuff. Nice. I like it. A lot of energy. Nice song.