Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

When pumpkins come into season, sometimes there・s a surplus of supply and I think it・s a waste (to throw them away).
First you put together softened butter with steamed pumpkin, then you mix and mix until it・s about smooth. Today my Indian friend Nawa and I are in Taitung hanging out in a bakery famous for its pumpkin and rice cake.
After rice milk, egg yolks and flour are added and mixed, next beaten egg whites are gently folded in.
Yup, that looks about right.
Peter and his very charismatic wife used to live in Taipei and moved to Taitung for a change of pace. Previously in construction, now Peter・s a baker and he welcomes guests, who want to get a feel of what life in Taitung is like, to help out in their kitchen, kind of like a working holiday.
After all the breads and cakes have been baked, cooled and packaged, some are left to be sold in the bakery and some are loaded into the van. Every afternoon Peter drives his bread to indigenous villages a ways off from the city, where shops and families eagerly await.
In the last few years, Taitung has been holding hot air balloon fiestas every summer. They started with demonstrations, tethered flights and more recently, they・ve also introduced free flying.
I・ve only been on tethered flights before and boy, free flying is totally different. The feeling is incredible and you get to see from an entirely new perspective how beautiful Taitung is.
Wow, it was so beautiful. I saw houses and vehicles looked like small matchboxes, and humans are like insects, you know when you see the ants on the ground, it・s just like that. It・s really really tiny and I love it.





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