Kaohsiung Cycling Travels

Boasting hundreds of kilometers in bicycle paths, Michael and I are in Kaohsiung to ?nd out what it feels like to cycle here. Today we re in the center of the city on public bikes, cycling mostly along Love River.
Along the way there are lots of places to stop and have a look around. This is a brick kiln originally built in 1899 by the Japanese during the occupation. Here you ll ?nd one of the last remaining Ho?man kilns in the country.
And this is the Museum of History, formerly Kaohsiung City Hall, where many were killed during the 228 Massacre, an anti-government uprising that ?rst started in Taipei in February of 1947. But today we re going to take it easy and see the vinyl record exhibition inside.
People can get to know local culture by taking on a di?erent perspective, like through music, folk songs and other nostalgic elements. Our collection is extensive and it includes movies, dramas, talk show and even puppetry shows.
Something else you can do here is karaoke, if you know some old Taiwanese songs.
Occasionally they even have live performances here too. Ladies and gentlemen, from Chang Gung University, Professor Michael Turton!
Well, east coast girls are hip, I really dig those Amis styles.
After the sun sets, don t rush and return your bikes. Remember to enjoy the night view along the river too.
I think this is one of the prettiest cities I ve ever cycled in.
I agree, it s really well laid out, it s easy to get around in, it s ?at and the job the city government has done is really wonderful. So let me tell you, if you re feeling down, your waistline is expanding, come down to Kaohsiung, ride a bicycle.





用不同的角度,包括音樂,歌謠,比較早期的懷舊方式讓更多不同的民 接觸不同的在地本土文化。一直到我們當時的電影,戲劇,脫口秀,甚至是布袋戲的收藏都非常豐富。

這裡偶爾還有現場表演,先生女士們,歡迎長庚大學教授,Michael Turton!