Taitung Chishang and Guanshan bicycle

The best way to explore Chishang and Guanshan...
is by bicycle.

Cycling through fields of rice, whether green or golden depending on season, is one of the great luxuries of traveling in Taitung.
Today Cedric and I are visiting an old tofu skin factory in Chishang.
These are trays of soy milk, heated from underneath and evaporating, causing a thin film of tofu skin to thicken where it touches the air. They・re picked up by a wire then hung on bamboo sticks, kind of like bed sheets. Picking them up from the soy milk is the hardest part, probably. You have to move pretty quickly, otherwise they stick together. Right now Cedric is making tofu skin pouches, which we・re frying for breakfast.
So first I take the thing like that.
With a little bit of salt.
Just a little bit of salt. And then fold it in a third, and then fold it in another third.
And with a little bit of cilantro wrapped inside, it goes into the sizzling hot pan.
It doesn・t take much for it to be delicious. Just a little bit of salt, cilantro, soy sauce.

I would have never thought that tofu skin could be fried like that.
So simple, yet so tasty.
Now we・re visiting a strawberry farm that grows loofahs as well. The little ones can be cooked into tasty vegetable dishes, and the old ones are made into loofahs you can clean your body with.
First you stomp on them, peel off the skin, rinse off the meat, then hang them up to dry for about a day. After they・re dried, you can use them as light sabres...
I am your father.
Then let・s wash!

Or as something to scrub your back with.

On the bike, we discovered what I would simply describe as heaven on earth. And then I personally discovered how to make tofu skin and the process itself is quite interesting but the mood of the place is just wonderful and full of poetry. And then we came here where they make loofahs from gourds and it is quite funny because the best thing is the strawberry ice-cream we had after that. THE best ice-cream, strawberry ice-cream in the world. That was an amazing day.




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