Taoyuan Golf Travels

Nope, she・s not letting them get ahead of her. Second hole, nice putt.
There it is.

Going for birdie, let・s have a look. In it goes. And it・s a birdie.

Welcome to FTV・s Time For Taiwan Instant Death golf match. Representing Taiwan is the lady in the yellow hat, Michella Jade Weng.

And wearing blue is Sascha Florian, representing Germany. He・s never played on a course before.

Wow, he・s that good. Ready for the tee-off, Michella・s going first. Seventh hole, par 4, water on the right.

Nice! Oh, a little off to the right. It・s OK, it・s still there.
OK, Sascha・s up.

There it goes, and in the right direction too. I think this German guy・s going to win. If Michella loses, you buy me lunch.

Come on, Michella, don・t let me lose! Go!!!

Go Sascha, my lunch is counting on you! Hey, where・s the ball?

Looks like you・re going to lose!

Golfing in Taoyuan is incredibly enjoyable. For example, this LPGA tournament course is only half an hour away from the airport and there・s more to do around here than just golfing. There・s great food and travel too.

After lunch, you can relax and read a book by the fire, or be like us, go exploring. This is the Hakka Sankeng Village, where you can catch a glimpse of the old way of life. It used to be busy hub connected by three rivers. This is where people came to trade and also pray.

Here we are at Yongfu Temple, whose main deities include the gods of Heaven, Earth and Water.

The next time you fly into Taoyuan, save some time for golf and traveling. You might be happy that you did.



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