Yilan Whisky and Night Market

Hey Tobie, did you know that whisky that・s also produced in Taiwan?
Real Scotch whisky?
Real Scotch whisky, no e.
I・d like to see that.

And that・s why we・re here in Yilan today.

The reason why this is a Scotch distillery and not a whiskey with an :e; distillery is that the methods and equipment used to produce that fantastic amber colored liquor comes from Scotland. When you visit this distillery that has produced award winning whiskys, you get to see how the magic happens.

After malting, milling, mashing, and fermenting the barley, you get beer.
Then after distilling comes the much more sophisticated big brother of the beer, the whisky. In much of the world, 35% of the heart cut of the distilled spirit gets made into whisky. Here only 10% is used, which theoretically makes the whisky even better.

They weren・t kidding when they said :cask strength.; Wow, but very complex. I・m tasting...spicy.

Spicy. Quite spicy. But it・s very fruity.

It・s very complex. Amazing. I don・t think I・ve ever tasted whisky that has so much character.

And this is Luodong Night Market, the liveliest area in all of Yilan, and where we are going foraging for our dinner tonight. This is the scallion bun but people are willing to queue around the block for.

The scallions are so fresh. I believe that・s the specialty here in Yilan.

That・s right.

The pork. There・s just a little hint of the pork. Very nice. A little bit salty.

I think the street food here is really amazing. My friend Joshua wrote a story for a travel guide, talking about street food in Singapore and Taiwan and Hong Kong. He rated Taiwan very high, but I・m going to tell the next time he comes here, he must come to Luodong Night Market and try this stuff because it・s really really good. I think this is superb.

Tobie, A捷DxW]Τネ横造hб芹H