Chaiyi and Tainan Travels

Hi! Two, please. We・ve got our tickets and today we・re exploring Chiayi and Tainan. Let・s go!

And our first stop on this trip is Suantou Sugar Factory.

This place was built more than a hundred years ago during the Japanese occupation but due to heavy damages from a typhoon and cut-throat global competition, it was shut down in 2002 and then reopened to visitors.

You can ride the train through sugar cane fields and stop by the factory to take a look at sugar extracting machinery, now looking very rustic.

How did you feel walking through there?

Like if you come back from the past.

Cold sugar cane juice, anyone?

There・s a...;grassy; taste to it. Quite special and not bad at all.

The bus that we・re on now is the Southwest Coast Route and along the way are some very interesting off-the-beaten-path places. For example the Taoist Donglong Temple is a nice stop to spend most of an afternoon. There is a museum across the street dedicated to its deities. It holds artifacts and models that tell the stories of the gods and ceremonies people hold to worship them.

Something you definitely won・t want to miss when you・re in the area is the oyster cuisine.

Raw oysters, oyster soup, oyster pancake, oyster spring rolls, oyster with really thick sauce and fried bread sticks...

The list goes on, but don・t stay too long because you・re not going to want to miss this either: the sunset over the oyster farms.

We saw so many different things. We took the train that was going really slow so we could see everything. Today was really fun. It was a nice day.!









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