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Hi, I・m Michella and this is my friend Andrej. Tonight we・re in Wanan, Penghu.
Yes, and we are just about to go for a walk on the beach.

Right now? Yes, we are trying to catch some green sea turtles laying their eggs. They are doing this at night.

OK. Let・s go.

We・re with biologists searching for signs of green sea turtles who have come back on land to lay eggs. Unfortunately we didn・t see any turtles but after a little bit of digging in our archives, we did find some nice footage.

Every year between May and October, green sea turtles that were born here return to these beaches to lay eggs. Wangan is one of the few places left in Taiwan where these reptiles can be found.

Off this one goes back into the ocean and here we are again. This is a different nest and most of the baby turtles have hatched and swam out to sea. But researchers are here to make sure that no hatchlings are stuck inside.

And after a quick checkup, this little guy that was trapped under vegetation is allowed to enter the ocean and begin its life of hopefully 100 years or more.
Penghu in the summer is great for nature lovers and hungry people who like to catch their own food. We are going squid fishing.

It・s supposed to be easy, but the squid must be having a party with the sea turtles somewhere else because nothing seems to be happening here.
Any luck? No, no. But I can show you pufferfish.

Really? There・s pufferfish here? Yeah yeah. Oh be careful!

No squid, no pufferfish, but hey, there・s a sea turtle!

And we・re still hungry. Good thing the captain felt sorry for us and decided to cast his net and catch us some eight legged mollusks for dinner.

Oh look somebody・s luck just changed.
Squid fishing was fun. It was real fun. The best part of it was eating the squid.
On this trip to Penghu, we watched a baby sea turtle head out to sea for the first time and caught squid and ate it on the boat. This is one holiday that Andrej and I will remember forever..


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