Ningixa night market

Hi, I・m Michella. And this is my friend from Italy, Saul.
Ciao tutti. Tonight we・re at a night market in Taipei.
Right, and the night market, whenever you want to eat something, is the right place to visit.
Andiamo? let・s go.

One of the smaller, but perhaps the best ones, this is Ningxia Night Market, the oldest night market in Taipei, established almost 60 years ago. It was part of a larger night market which in its heyday, had more than a thousand vendors and the area was called :the stomach of Taipei.; These days there are less than 200 vendors left, but some of city・s best and most traditional street food can still be found here.

This :zhigaofan; shop has been around for more than 40 years.
It・s rice that has meat from a pork leg. It comes with meat, bamboo shoots and an egg stewed in soy sauce.

What・s that thing with an egg? Shrimp soup with an egg, sunny side up.
Why this combination? Adding an egg to the shrimp gives it more flavor without it becoming too salty. And it・s soft.

A lot of people order the rice combo together with the egg and shrimp soup together, a filling and satisfying meal for most.

And for dessert, this glutinous rice ball cooked in sugar water then coated with peanut powder and more sugar is a popular choice.

Aside from the traditional eats, there are also slightly more modern foods that cater to the younger generation・s taste, like the Japanese version of the French croquette.

Tastes good eh? I always believe that (Taiwanese food) is a little bit sweet. For my taste which is more salty. But it・s very tasty.

Do you have night markets in Italy?
No, but I think it・s really a bad idea (that we don・t). Because at the end, the food is good, there・s a lot of people, and everyone has a good time.

You・ve been to other night markets right? Like Shilin Night Market.
Of course, it・s very popular. The biggest difference is that (Ningxia) is not so noisy. And you know, I think it・s because people enjoy eating here more than talking. So it means that the food is good.

If you were to tell your friends about Ningxia night market, what would you say?

Well that I know a secret place that we can go to enjoy very good food.

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