Sanzhi and Tamshui Travels

Michella Jade Weng, Presenter:
Sifu! Sifu! Are we in India, yet?

German Pichardo, Nicaraguan Expat:
Not yet, Wukong.

Michella Jade Weng, Presenter:
Well then Sifu, where are we?

German Pichardo, Nicaraguan Expat:
We・re still in Sanzhi.

We can・t keep fighting like this. What if we become blood brothers instead?
Big brother buffalo.
Little brother monkey.
Fascinating! Hahahahaha...

Chinese puppetry may have been invented in China in the 17th century, but this classic folk art has probably been best preserved in Taiwan. This the hand puppet museum of the legendary Li Tien-lu. Look at the faces of the puppets!

When the face is blue, the character is usually some kind of monster or a foreigner. When red like Guan Gong, the character is a loyal one. And if it・s yellow, it could be sick or down and out.

Puppetry was a major source of entertainment for people before TV・s were common. Shows were watched in front of temples in open spaces, and the stories that were acted out ranged from traditional Chinese tales to Japanese lores during the occupation, to even Western classics like Shakespeare・s Henry IV. Off the beaten path, this museum is truly one of the gems of Sanzhi.

This is neighboring Tamshui, famous for not just fish balls made of shark meat, but also culture.

Fuyou Temple is the oldest place of worship in Tamshui, built in 1796. The resident deity is sea goddess Mazu who looks straight across the river at Guanyin Mountain, named after the Goddess of Mercy, so people believe that there are two goddesses that watch over the town, giving locals a greater sense of security. There are tons of stories that could be told about Tamsui, and this is only one of them. If you think it・s just a touristy little place, you might be in for a huge surprise.

German Pichardo, Nicaraguan Expat:
When you come here, you should go and walk around, not only on the main streets, but you can go into the real old streets. You・ll find out many historical backgrounds about Tamshui. So it・s good.

Michella Jade Weng, Presenter:
So if you get a chance, come visit Tamshui! See you next time, bye!

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