Small Town Travels-Ruifang

Michella Jade Weng, Presenter:
Hi, I・m Michella! This is my friend...

Michael Turton, American Expat:
Michael! We・re here today in New Taipei City・s Ruifang.
one of the top ten small town destinations in Taiwan.

Historical mining town Ruifang at one point practically poured gold. It was Asia・s largest gold producer in the 1930・s. Although most of the gold, silver and copper resources have been exhausted, still bits and pieces of metals are brought up to the surface by groundwater. Oxidation then creates beautiful, golden colored waterfalls which pour into and paint the bay.

This is the old copper processing facility, and copper that came from here at one point was made into weapons and coins. The three smokestacks that snake over the mountains are said to be the longest in the world, totaling almost 3km in length.

During the gold rush, 80 thousand people came into this town and Jiufen was one of the villages where they went to eat, to buy necessities and to be entertained.

And this is the center of street food in Ruifang. Because not everyone could afford to buy fried chicken drumsticks for their kids, local chefs made imitation drumsticks out of fish paste, carrot, onion, cabbage and ground meat wrapped in caul fat. Since Michael prefers raw fish to offal, he went for sashimi.

Michael Turton, American Expat:
Super fresh. Cut very evenly. Man, this is sashimi. Is there any more space here. I want to move here!

Oh I・m sure we can find a good real estate agent for Michael. Now he just has to convince his wife.

Michael Turton, American Expat:
The views, the great food, and the places here are so relaxing, except for going up and down stairs. It could be a little flatter. But no, seriously it・s a wonderful place to come and spend the weekend, sip tea and look out over the ocean.