Small Town Travels-Jiji

Michella Jade Weng, Presenter:
Hi, I・m Michella! And this is my friend...

Michael Turton, American Expat:
Michael from Chang Gung University in Linkou, Taiwan. Today we・re in beautiful Jiji, a small town top ten destination in Nantou, Taiwan.

A place where Chinese and indigenous Taiwanese people conducted trade with each other in the 18th century, Jiji became a booming town after railroads and a train station was constructed during the Japanese occupation. These days it・s a quiet little area great for a cycling tour.

Michella Jade Weng, Presenter:
Here comes the train!

From the train station to the edge of the green tunnel, it・s about a 7km ride and there are several attractions along the way. This is a military history park with real (but retired) tanks and fighter jets from the US. And this is a traditional Chinese wood-fired snake kiln built more than half a century ago, and it・s still in operation.

And if you like bananas, you・ll love what the locals call :mountain bananas; here.

Mountain bananas are sweeter. Because they・re grown in the mountains and there・s less water in the soil here, they grow slower.

Of course you can eat it raw, but there・s nothing special about that, so it・s also eaten cooked here.

Michael Turton, American Expat:
You・ve probably heard of fried bananas. But what about fried banana peel? Or banana fried rice?

Michael Turton, American Expat:
The bananas are very chewy and sweet, like little bombs of sweetness, boom! going off in your mouth.

Michael Turton, American Expat:
Jiji・s wonderful. Great energy, yet really relaxed. Nantou - the mountains are beautiful, the people are really friendly. And the fruit - excellent. The bananas we had yesterday were very special. And if you look here, how often can you find such a long, beautiful green tunnel in Taiwan? The government・s obviously done a great job in taking care of this. I・ve been up here several times by myself on my bike just because I like it so much coming through this area.




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