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Michella Jade Weng, Presenter:
Hi, I’m Michella and this is my friend...
Gunter Whittome, German Expat:
Gunter, hi. Today we’ve come to Daxi and I’m showing my friend Michella around this traditional Taiwanese town which is famous for its locally called “Taiwanese style Baroque architecture.”

The facades of buildings along Heping Street show an interesting mix of eastern and western architectural styles.

Gunter Whittome, German Expat:
It’s got some really well preserved traditional architecture. The Japanese they adopted western architectural styles and in Taiwan they blended them with some local styles.

The more I look at them, the more the facades remind me of temples.

Huang Jian-yi, Guide:
You see mythical beasts here and they look like characters you see in temples. This is because in 1919 when the houses on this street were being constructed, temple craftsmen were hired to do build these western style houses.

Ah, that explains it. Something else to notice is that about every third shop along the street is a furniture maker - that’s another tradition in these parts.

Because it’s so close to Shimen Reservoir, there’s lots of fresh fish to be had here and they are eaten in just about any way imaginable - fried, stir-fried, made into dessert.

This is the Chiang Kai-shek mausoleum. The changing of the honor guards is quite a show to watch.

In addition to paying your respects to the former president in his final resting place here, you can also take a walk in the park planted with more than 150 statues of the former dictator.

Gunter Whittome, German Expat:
Well now we’ve come to a quite different place from Daxi, isn’t it?

Michella Jade Weng, Presenter:
Yeah, we have statues of Chiang Kai-shek in all different colors.

Gunter Whittome, German Expat:
It feels like you’re surrounded by clones of the same person. Schools, office buildings, they decided they wanted to replace the statues with something else and then the local authorities here decided they’ll provide an asylum for these statues and they collected them here.

For sure you won’t be feeling lonely here. Daxi, Taoyuan was recently voted one of the top ten small tourist towns in Taiwan, and with lots of culture, history and cuisine to offer, it can be a nice little day trip if you’re coming from Taipei.





因為國共戰爭,金門的地底下到處是坑道,有阿兵哥挖的,也有居民挖的。 現在許多坑道都慢慢開放觀光和轉型為其他用途,高粱酒窖就是其中之一。

高粱得先蒸熟,冷卻之後加入稻米穀?讓它不會全部黏在一塊兒,然後拌入麴粉讓它發酵22天。發酵完畢,這些高粱就可以薄薄一層層的鋪在蒸鍋裡面,開始蒸餾。 這是剛蒸餾出來的高粱原酒,超過60度酒精。