Jiaoxi Hot Spring

Michella Jade Weng, Presenter:
Hi, I・m Michella and this is my friend...

Gunter Whittome, German Expat:
Gunter, hi. That was just a sentence in German saying hello to everybody. Today we・ve come to Jiaoxi, one of Taiwan・s well-known hot spring areas.

Gunter Whittome, German Expat:
There・s a wide selection here of cheap public baths in natural settings up to high end luxury spa hotels and if you have a bath in one of the hot springs outside, if you・re lucky you・ll have butterflies and dragonflies flying around you. So it・s a great place to spend a day here.

When traveling in Taiwan it・s great to have a relaxing hot spring bath every now and then and as the local people call it, :paotang; which literally means having a soak in the soup. In Taiwan it・s usual practice that people go to have a hot spring bath in their bathing suit. I think in Taiwan, the hot spring culture started about 100 years ago. But of course the Taiwanese aborigines found the hot springs in the mountains a lot time ago. And then during the Japanese period, the hot spring culture really developed because you have a similar hot spring culture in Japan.

In Germany, they might have a nice cold beer or two after a soak in the hot springs, but in Taiwan, a nice meal usually follows.

Gunter Whittome, German Expat:
After a hot spring bath, you get tired, so what people like to do is having a good meal after their bath. Either have a snack with one of the so-called :wenquan dan,; or hot spring eggs which are boiled in hot spring water, or you can have a real big meal in one of the many restaurants here.

The people here have really put a lot of effort in increasing and developing the facilities. Even though the weather wasn・t perfect today, it was sort of rainy, but it may be exactly the perfect weather for having a hot bath. Because Jiaoxi is easily accessible from Taipei, it・s only maybe an hour・s journey either by car on the freeway or by bus or by train, so it・s the perfect destination for a day・s trip or for a weekend trip from Taipei.

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