Three Flavors of Taichung

A layer of crepe, a layer of whipped cream, then another layer of crepe, whipped cream, this delicious looking millefeuille crepe cake has become one of the hottest selling desserts from Taichung these days.

Today we・re in search of good tea, coffee and sweets in Taichung. One down, two to go. Next on the list is bubble tea, which by the way also originated in Taichung.

If you・ve always wanted to try making your own bubble or pearl milk tea, here・s your chance.

Angela Liu, Bubble Tea Expert:
First you fill it with ice, the more you shake it, the finer the bubbles are and the better it・ll taste. Next we add cane sugar which goes well with the tea. Then pour eighty cc・s of our classic tea into the shaker. When you pour in the tea, shake the cup a little so the ice melts faster. Then put on the top, then the lid. Make sure you hold it well, including the lid, otherwise it・ll fly off when you shake it. Then you shake it as hard as you can. Shake it to the left. Shake it to the right.

You might need a moment to catch your breath in the end. Fun, huh? You can do the same for pearl milk tea with fresh tapioca.

Tang Sheng-jie, Coffee Roaster:
Even if you have the same beans but different people roasting them, you・ll end up with a different flavor. I listen to music, but not while I・m roasting. Before I start working, I・ll search for a melody in my head and that also tells me what kind of mood I・m in . Music is a kind of inspiration. For example, I・ll go online and listen to old songs, and in the middle of roasting, if I smell the aroma, and that song pops into my head at the same time, then I know that that・s the groove my coffee roasting will take that day.

Wow, musically inspired coffee. Today it kind of tastes like Japanese enka. Looks like the creative atmosphere in Taichung has affected the food here too..


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