Old School Tainan

Michella Jade Weng, Presenter:
Hello everyone, welcome to Tainan. Most people・s impression of travel here is visiting buildings centuries of years old. But today, we・re going on a trip slightly more modern, yet nostalgic.

Welcome. Theater one is on the first floor. Thank you.

Michella Jade Weng, Presenter:
This is one of Tainan・s oldest movie theaters. And what・s interesting about it is that it・s been renovated a few times and it looks modern inside, but they still use hand-drawn billboards.

Wang Hao-yi, Tainan Historian:
When we were young, we used to skip class a lot and go watch movies. We didn・t have a lot of money to spend, but there were these cinemas that showed old movies. Since each ticket got us two movies, we・d stay in there all day. And so this turned into some place where all the young artsy kids spent quite a bit of time at some point in their lives.

Talk about old-fashioned! Well, maybe the theater isn・t equipped with all the most modern facilities, but it・s fun and it brings back memories for some people.

Through an alley as wide as about a crack in the wall, there・s a hidden cafe. The building was built sometime between 1895 and 1945 during the Japanese occupation, and this was the home of a Japanese doctor.

Wang Hao-yi, Tainan Historian:
It・s hard to imagine that coming through the narrow alley and up the steep steps, there・d be an elegant little cafe here. The old creaky wooden floors are still here too. There・s a window seat here that I say is one of the top ten corners of Tainan. When you look through out the window, you・ll realize that the Confucius Temple is right across the street.

But before cafes became popular, people in Tainan loved to hang out at fruit and shaved ice shops where you can sit down and :talk.; This one here has been around for more than 60 years.

Wang Hao-yi, Tainan Historian:
Young men and women would go on dates there. Those days even marriages were arranged there. Or if things needed to be taken care of, they were discussed there.

So this is the life of old timers in Tainan. Most travel plans here revolve around visiting centuries old buildings and eating a lot of food. But this old school Tainan theme was quite different and refreshing.


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