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Lukang・s historical sites make this little town a favorite for cultural and artistic travelers. This is Longshan Temple, which is over 360 years old. While some come to pray for good health and fortune, many are also here for some architectural appreciation.

Zheng Wu-lang, Changhua Travel Expert:
This is a Northern Sung style building. The stone sculptures are quite splendid. There are carvings that are to bring you fortune. There・s a crab holding a pen to help you do well in academic endeavors. The most distinguishing feature of this temple is the stage, the weight is evenly dispersed and there isn・t a single nail in this structure.

Michella Jade Weng, Presenter:
In addition to Longshan Temple, there many more historical buildings in Lukang. Would you like to have coffee in one of them? Follow me.

This used to be the home of a wealthy family surnamed :Ding.; A member of the family was once a presented scholar in the imperial examinations. Though the historical home is quite exquisite, the family no longer lives here, but it is open to visitors to have a look, or to sit down and have some afternoon tea.

Around the lantern festival, while most Taiwanese people will eat boiled glutinous rice balls, residents of Lukang take steamed glutinous rice balls stuffed with the likes of sweet red bean paste, sesame or peanut powder.

This is made with rice, from rice milk.
Shape your thumb and index finger into a C, then it won・t fall out. Then you put it on a leaf. It makes it much more fragrant and gives it a very traditional taste.

Sie Siou-ying, Pastry Chef:
With the peanut flavor, we do something special around the Lantern Festival. There・s an orange and tangerine aroma. We add tangerine, winter melon, sesame, peanuts, about ten different things and mix it all together.

And while old traditions are carried on, new ones are also being created. This is a glass temple; it・s the first of its kind in the country. It・s particularly beautiful at night when lit up in various colors. When you do come, the wish you make just might be to have the chance to visit this part of the country again.

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