Antong Hot Spring

One of the things Hualien is known for is its dairy farms.

Michella Jade Weng, Presenter:
Recently in Hualien, there are four scents that are especially popular. One of them - the scent of fresh milk.

Fan Ji-ming, Dairy farmer:
Usually milk is pasteurized at high temperature, but we do it at a lower temperature - 65 degrees Celcius. This keeps more of the protein and lactoferrin from being destroyed. Lactoferrin is good for the immune system.

If you・re hungry and feeling adventurous, the raw milk hot pot at this farm is worth a try.

Fan Ji-ming, Dairy farmer:
You can taste what milk is really like. It・s higher in fat content and there is a grassy hint to the aroma.

Mm, smells like coffee. Did you know that in addition to tea, coffee has been farmed in Hualien since the Japanese occupation a century ago?

When you come to the Wuhe area, not only can you drink or buy locally-produced coffee, like this little boy, you can also learn how roast it.

Angel Chen, Hualien coffee expert:
The ones with only one bean is called :single bean,; or :peaberry.;
This one.

The process of roasting is really caramelization.

Following an afternoon of coffee making, some people like to head for the hot springs in the evening.

This is Antong, and the springs here are of a faint alkaline, chloride and sodium sulphate quality.

Leo Cheng, Hualien travel expert:
It was discovered by the Japanese early on. It smells of sulphur a little bit. In the rest of Taiwan, when it smells this way, the water is usually a bit milky, but here it・s clear. We・ve been soaking here so long and we・ve noticed that it really makes your skin nice.

If you follow your nose when in Hualien, you might find your travels here a feast of scents.



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