Changhua Travel and Cuisine

Pitch black and 20 meters tall, this is the famous Buddha statue that sits atop Bagua Mountain. You know, this used to be a strategic military point because you can look over the Taichung and Changhua plains from here. Now it・s just a great view for the statue and its visitors.

Everybody says that when you come to Changhua, you must try the "ba-wan" here. What is a "ba-wan?" Well, it's a kind of a meatball. Let me show you.

Even though it's steamed, it'll still get cold. We just need to heat it up a little bit.

:Ba-wan; are dumplings that are first steamed then fried in Changhua. The outside is made of sweet potato flour and the inside is a pork filling. Gentle frying it makes the outside al dente. It・s popular as a snack or as part of a meal. Sweet sauce made of rice flour and savory sauce made from broth are both added to it when eaten.

After a couple of ba-wan's, you're bound to be stuffed and ready for a walk. This is Changhua・s Confucius Temple, built 285 years ago.

And this is a fan-shaped train garage, another historical site.

During the Japanese occupation, several were built in Taiwan, but this is the only one that・s still in use, and you might have to go to Japan or Poland to see another one of these. The tracks fan out in a radial shape, and trains engines are maneuvered into the garage for maintenance with help of a turntable.

Changhua・s is one of the fewer traveled places in Taiwan, but it・s an area with lots of stories waiting to be discovered.






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