Alishan's Trails and Tea Farms.

If you・re looking for a short and sweet stroll through a forest of Japanese cedars in Alishan, you might find Dinghu to be a suitable place. Though most trees here are efforts of reforestation in the last century, this camphor tree is hundreds of years old.

Jian Kun-ying, B&B Owner:
This camphor tree is about 300 to 350 years old.
I hear it・s worth quite a bit.
Its market price is tens of millions of NT.

As long as you stay on the stone path, you won・t lose your way. Jack, an English traveler, finds this hike just perfect.

Jack Harrison, Traveler:
The air feels great, there are lots of old trees and it feels special. Actually when I first came to Taiwan, I just stayed in Taipei. I didn・t know that there is a place as wonderful as this, so it・s a real surprise.

What is also surprising to Jack is the number of tea farms in the area.

Wang Jyun-ci, Tea Farmer:
1, 2, 3. Three leaves and the bud. This is where you pick it. Like this. Towards us.

Alishan produces some of Taiwan・s best oolong tea, and the secret to good tea here is also in the air.

Wang Jyun-ci, Tea Farmer:
We are within 50 km within the Tropic of Cancer, have an oceanic climate and plus we have lots of fog. Fog also means lots of cold air, so tea trees grow slower, giving it a better quality. It tastes really good, really smooth.

Every year, tea farmers, importers and enthusiasts come from abroad to Alishan for study tours.

Hiking trails and drinking tea, it sounds like Alishan might also be attractive as a zen retreat!

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