Snorkeling on the Northeast Coast

Michella Jade Weng, Host:
We're on the northeast coast today, and we're going snorkeling!

Who says you have to fly out of Taiwan to go snorkeling? If you're in Taipei, a great snorkeling destination is less than an hour's drive away. This is Longdong on the northeast coast. And if you bring some leftover toast, you and the beautiful underwater marine life here will become fast friends.

Li Siou-juan
There are lots of tropical fish, soft-finned fish and everyone's favorite - clown fish. In the last couple of days, we saw schools of batfish just in this little section we've roped off.

If you choose to stay on shore, there still are things to see and do.

This sea cucumber feels kind of like konjak. But let's be nice to it. I hear it spits out white liquid when upset.

Ever thought of soaking your feet and feeding fish at the same time?

These guys like bread, and they don't mind your stinky feet.

And for people who prefer a little more action...

there are speedboats you can ride nearby too!

How fast can these go?

Even faster if you come in the morning.

When the wakes are a little too big, an experienced captain can give you a ride on the waves. That's also pretty exciting.

I never thought that the northeast coast could be so much fun, and you don't even need a car to get here. The public sightseeing bus is all you need, and there's even an iPhone and Android app for it. Next, we're headed for Jinguashi, an old mining town so cute and quaint that several TV and movie productions have filmed here.

Gold was discovered in the mountains of Jinguashi in 1890 and mined for about 60 years. This place is now a musuem where visitors can walk through the old tunnels and also get a feel of how gold was panned. You might find the experience a rich one.









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到現在為止都不知道東北角可以這麼好玩,而且來這邊也不需要開車,搭上觀光巴士就OK。而且還有個 iPhone 和 Android 的時刻表 app 可以下載。接下來我們要到金瓜石,一個很有特色的老礦坑,許多電影和電視節目都來這裡取過景。