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Historically, Tainan is quite international. Built nearly 140 years ago, the Eternal Golden Fort was designed by a French engineer who included Parisian defense aesthetics in his project.

Now let's turn back time some more, to 1624.

Formerly called "Zeelandia," this is Anping Fort. Originally, the Dutch East Indies Company wanted to establish an office in Penghu, which is closer to China, but was denied by Chinese officials. It ended up coming here instead.

Next to Anping Fort, you'll find this street with lots of traditional toys.

This is the first planned street in Taiwan, as opposed to those that were simply made by people and carts passing through. It was designed by the Dutch and called "Taiwan Street" at the time.

There are also lots of people here selling traditional snacks, like this thing that looks like a dinosaur egg, which tastes like caramelized brown sugar crackers.

If you like exploring temples, Tainan has the oldest Matsu temple on the island, built in 1684.

And right next door to the Grand Matsu Temple is the God of War Temple.

Michella Jade Weng, Host:

Deep fried to a golden brown, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, a creamy chicken and squid soup goes into it. The name sounds a little daunting, but it's only to describe the appearance of the dish, not where you'll end up after having it.

Tainan is overflowing with culture and tasty food. And the great thing is, getting here is really easy. And just as I thought I was ready to go, the lights to Chihkan Tower come on. If I can just get one more look, one more picture... You can expect this to happen a lot when you come.











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