Traveling and Fishing in Penghu

Michella Jade Weng, host:
Hi everyone. Welcome to Time for Taiwan. My name is Michella Jade Weng. Penghu, a group of over 60 islands off the coast of Chiayi, is one of the hottest summer destination for holiday-goers in Taiwan. During the day, some like to enjoy ocean views and visit historical sites and temples, which are important to local fishermen. And after the sun sets, one activity is to go night fishing for squid.

Once called "Pescadores," the Portuguese word meaning fishermen, Penghu is still mainly a fishing community. Columnar basalt cliffs dot the landscape, and pieces of the rock make up parts of the walls of these hundred year old homes in Erkan Village. And at 400 years old, Tianhou Temple, whose resident goddess watches over fisherman, is the spiritual center for local residents. But the streets that developed around the temple are now mainly for tourists.

Because of its softness, basalt is easily carved. And since stone carving is relatively inexpensive here, basalt figurines and chops are one of the most popular souvenirs.

Michella Jade Weng, host:
Attracted by the light, these ten legged creatures gather around the boat's underwater lamps. Catching them is real easy.

Even little kids can do it. But I have neither technique nor luck, and after three hours, it really looks like I'm going to bed hungry tonight. Thankfully, the captain has Plan B.

Ho ho! It doesn't get fresher than this! Cleaned, cut and cooked on board, passengers get a taste of squid sashimi and squid noodle soup, which in my opinion doesn't need any seasoning at all and makes the best and most appropriate midnight snack to finish off a perfect summer day in Penghu.


大家好 歡迎收看 Time for Taiwan,我是翁郁容,擁有超過60個島嶼的澎湖,在夏天特別夯。有些人在白天喜歡看看海景,逛逛古蹟 到廟裡拜拜,而到了晚上還可以出海去夜釣小管。

曾經被葡萄牙人命名為"Pescadores 漁翁島",現在澎湖仍然是個以漁業為主的群島。來到這兒,還看得到柱狀玄武岩懸崖,而這些玄武岩,在二崁聚落百年古厝的牆壁裡也找得到。另外,在擁有400年歷史的天后宮,則能看見當地民眾拜拜,請求神明,讓家中的掏海人能一帆風順,平安回來。而圍繞著天后宮的老巷弄,現在已經成為觀光客逛街的地方了。





喔 這隻很大喔!連小朋友都會釣!不過我技術不好,運氣也不好,經過3小時,半隻也沒勾到,想說今天晚上恐怕要餓著肚子睡覺了。不過幸好船長人很好,直接下網抓小管。