Summer Vacation in Liuqiu

Michella Jade Weng, Host:
Hi everyone. Welcome to Time for Taiwan. My name is Michella Jade Weng. White sandy beaches, interesting looking giant coral formation and just 14 kilometers off the coast of Pingtung's Donggang, today we're headed to Liuqiu!

A short, 30-minute ferry ride later, Liuqiu and its crystal clear waters appear before visitors. At 6.8 square kilometers, this is one of the largest coral islands in the world, now a major tourist spot for young travelers.

Along the coast, you can see people playing on white, sandy beaches and gazing at coral formations several meters high, like this one, called the Vase Rock.

Michella Jade Weng, Host:
Where there's coral, there are usually some pretty nice looking underwater organisms. And you can get a closer look by going scuba diving!

You can join short snorkeling tours to get a glimpse of underwater life here, including coral, sea urchins and all kinds of fish. Prices start at NT$200, which is quite affordable, but of course, the more you spend, the better the equipment, guide and experience will be.

Michella Jade Weng, Host:
Where there's coral, there's usually some pretty interesting looking underwater organisms. You can get a closer look by going scuba diving.

Made from deep fried, thinly sliced sweet potatoes and thick sugar syrup, these crispy squares can be bought all over Taiwan, but they are rarely handmade. Mrs Lee has been making these for over 30 years, and now her grandson is taking over the business, to keep the tradition alive.

There are a few other snacks people like to try when they're here, like these fried and glazed braided bread sticks, and steamed rice cakes with meat sauce and taro or pumpkin.

Though once completely depopulated following a massacre during the Dutch colonial era in the 17th century, Liuqiu is now a favorite destination among young people with a limited budget.


大家好,歡迎收看 Time for Taiwan,我是翁郁容。白色沙灘,奇特珊瑚岩,距離東港才14公里,今天我們要帶您到小琉球。