Yujing Mango Adventure

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Michella Jade Weng:
Mangoes are one of most popular fruits in Taiwan, and are mostly produced in Pingtung and Tainan.

Today we've come to Yujing, Tainan, where cream of the crop mangoes are grown, and some of which exported to Japan.
Dangling like Christmas tree ornaments, these reddish green fruits are the highly sought-after Irwin mangoes of Yujing.

To make sure they grow to be healthy and strong, they're wrapped in paper bags by hand, one by one. The same goes for the many other kinds of mango on the farm.

Cheng Rong-hua, Mango farmer:
That's Irwin mango, it's diferent. Here, you can also see o-hion, Tainung number one and Yuwen number six.
Each also smells a little different, notices Japanese expert on Taiwan, Yoshifumi Katakura.

Yoshifumi Katakura, Author
Michella Jade Weng, Host
Cheng Rong-hua, Mango farmer
It smells like apple.
And now...

It also smells like longan.

And when you go home. You can already eat it. It tastes a little like guava.
So now it tastes like guava, but it smells like longan.

And when it's ripe, it tastes like mango.
Incredibly excited, Katakura says he's never seen so many mangoes hanging on trees like this, nor has he seen so many different species of them in the 14 years he's lived and traveled in Taiwan.

Yoshifumi Katakura, Author
Michella Jade Weng, Host
Today has been amazing. This Irwin mango, it's famous in Japan. There are a lot of people in Japan who love this. Finally getting to see how its grown really is amazing. I hear that there are 15 kinds of mangoes grown in Yujing, but I just learned that there are 120 or so, including species that are still only being researched.

Wow, 120?

Yeah. It's surprising, isn't it?
It is.

We sure learned a lot today.
When it comes to eating mangoes, most people think of having it as it is or with shaved ice.

But local restaurants have gotten creative with it, giving a mango twist to regular menu items like German pork knuckles. Here, green, sour, underripe mango is used in place of saurkraut. Curious how it tastes?

You can give it a try yourself when you come to Yujing on a mango picking and tasting journey.

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芒果是台灣最受歡迎的水果之一, 大部分都是在屏東和台南生產。今天我們來到台南玉井,這裡的芒果,品質好的連日本人都喜歡,因此還外銷到日本 。


芒果農 鄭榮華:


日本作家 片倉佳史
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芒果農 鄭榮華




日本作家 片倉佳史
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