One of the newest points of interest in Tainan, the Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park.

Michella Jade Weng, Host:
Hello everyone and welcome to "Time for Taiwan." My name is Michella Jade Weng. Today we're at one of the newest points of interest in Tainan, the Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park. And since Mr Hatta was Japanese, I've brought along a Japanese friend, Mr Yoshifumi Katakura.

Michella Jade Weng, Host:
(Welcome, Mr Katakura.)

Yoshifumi Katakura, Author:
(Happy to be here, Michella.)

Michella Jade Weng, Host:
(Shall we?)Yoshifumi Katakura, Author:
(Yes, let's go.)

Yoichi Hatta was the Japanese engineer that designed the Chianan Canal and the Wushantou Reservoir in the 1920s, during the Japanese occupation.

To commemorate him, the Japanese-style house in which Hatta lived at the time was rebuilt according to old blueprints and the memories of his children.

The furniture on display in the house are all donations from his surviving family and friends in Kanazawa, Japan.Mr Katakura is the author of several books on Taiwan and is touched by the effort that the Tourism Bureau has put into restoring these living quarters.

He believes that this memorial park shows that the Taiwanese people truly appreciate the history and bond that they share with the Japanese.

Michella Jade Weng, Host:
(What do you think of the memorial park?)

Yoshifumi Katakura, Author:
(The strongest impression I got was how Taiwanese people are accepting Mr. Hatta's contributions. This is something to be quite happy about. I hope this will also make for better Japan-Taiwan relations in the future.)

You'll see in the memorial park both Taiwanese and Japanese tourists walking about, taking in the sights of traditional Japanese houses and imagining how the engineers and their families played tennis on the clay court and perhaps how they picnicked under the trees during their time off.

Just a short drive away is the reservoir and a bronze statue of Hatta, sitting, as if contemplating the reservoir's design.

Katakura has visited this place more than a dozen times and he found it surprising that there are always fresh cut flowers here.

Yoshifumi Katakura, Author:
(I always see flowers there. I think people come and bring flowers for Mr Hatta. And because this place is not easily accessible to Japanese people, I think it's Taiwanese people who are doing this. And because they bring flowers, it also means that the story of Mr. Hatta is still being passed on to younger generations.)

In 1942 Hatta died while en route to the Philippines, when the ship he was on was attacked by an American submarine.

His body was never found, but his spirit and his contributions continue to be celebrated both in Japan and here in Tainan.

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大家好,歡迎收看Time for Taiwan,我是翁郁容。今天我們來到台南最新景點之一,八田與一紀念園區。因為八田先生是日本人,所以今天我們也邀請了一位日本朋友一起來玩。片倉佳史先生。

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