Hualien Scent Trail

Hiking in Hualien, sometimes one will find more than just waterfalls and majestic views. There are lots of stories to be found too.

This is the Yuli section of Batongguan Trail. It’s called “Walami,” meaning “fern” in Bunun language.

Leo Cheng, Hualien travel expert
When the Chinese came to Taiwan, they opened this path to eastern Taiwan, so this trail is very old, about 100 years old. After the Japanese came, there was a violent clash with the Bunun. So from here to Dongpu, there are about 10 police stations. You can still see what’s left of the buildings.

Speaking of the occupation, what is now the Linshantien Forestry Cultural Park was also built by the Japanese.

Hello everyone. Welcome to Morisaka.

Chen Guo-chang, Linsentien
This used to be a logging village. Cypress from here was either exported or used in the military. At one point in the old days, there were about 2,000 workers here. These days we’re using what’s left of the resources for wood carving.

The theme of these carvings revolve around ecology, indigenous culture and forestry culture. Visitors are free to observe master carvers work on their craft and to look at award winning pieces from previous competitions. Some say that this could be the Sanyi of eastern Taiwan.

For a good meal, many people recommend this Amis restaurant. The specialty here is soup boiled with hot rocks.

Even the bowl is quite different - it’s a betelnut tree leaf folded up and held together by two skewers.

A natural meal to finish off a day close to nature - a suitable ending, wouldn’t you say?








木雕的主題都圍繞著生態,原住民文化,還有林場歷史。 主辦單位強調,因為參賽者都是大師級的,所以來這邊看他們創作,和欣賞過去的作品,讓不少人覺得林田山木雕不輸三義的喔。